The All is Lost Moment

In all Hollywood movies there is an All is Lost moment, where the Hero is as far away from her goal as she possibly can be. It seems impossible that she will ever accomplished what she set out to do.

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Intuitive Painting Class in Denver, CO

I'll be hosting an intuitive painting class during Denver Arts Week!

During 2 hours, you'll be guided to go within and create your unique piece of art. I'll share easy tips and technique to put your idea into form and help your unique piece to emerge. Drips, splatters, pours and lettering make it fun and (mostly) effortless. 

Denver Arts Week Special Pricing: $20.

You don’t need any previous experience in painting or drawing, anyone can do it! All supplies are included. You go home with your 12x12in painting on canvas. More info and registration at

The Journey to Become an Artist: My Story

My earliest memory is me showing one of my drawing to my mother. She was sitting at the dinner table doing something that was obviously much less important than my latest masterpiece. In my eyes, I had just done a perfect drawing that would get me hired by Disney Studios (the ultimate dream in my kid's mind).  I remember my mother being a lot less excited about the drawing than I thought she should be, considering her daughter had an incredible talent. 

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The Creative Process: You don't need permission

So often in life, especially as a woman, I’ve waited for someone to give me permission. It could be waiting on a spiritual teacher to tell me how to “connect to my divinity”. It could be talking to friends about a project until I have enough people telling me that yes, I should do it. Waiting for an A from my drawing teacher to consider myself an artist. 

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The Spiritual Meaning of Noble Metals

Gold is a bright glittering metal of imperishable nature. It is unattacked by any single acid and is unaffected in its quality by fire. These unusual qualities are its mark of distinction, and we search for them throughout the material realm and in the character of man to find that which is capable of being converted into gold.

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The Hardest Part of any Creative Project

Have you ever started a creative project (or a project that involved changing yourself or your life, like learning a new language or get back in shape), and find it increasingly difficult to just do it each day? I bet you told yourself that you didn't have  the willpower for it. Or maybe you came up with another reason: it's not the right time, I'm too busy this month, no one is supporting me, etc. I have.

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Art Makes Us Beautiful

Perhaps the most rewarding thing about what I do is being a witness to people’s reactions to my art. I’m continually astonished by the wisdom and power that comes out of people when they see my art and respond to it. Countless people told me things like: “I saw the same shape while I was meditating! What is it?”

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Maha Shivaratri Celebration

Every month, the day before the new moon is Shivaratri, a celebration of Lord Shiva. The Shivaratri celebration that is happening in February is of the most significance and is called Maha Shivaratri (= great Shivaratri). Maha Shivaratri happens right before the new moon in February: the darkest night of the darkest month, this year on February 24th. 

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I Am the Light

There is a trap I fell into for many years, and that kept me from creating and from feeling content. The trap is to think that “Being the Light” is anything else than what we are right now.

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New Moon Magic

I used to be disconnected with the flow of the moon, just as I was disconnected with the flow of my body. I didn’t know where and how the moon was, and didn’t care. Just like I thought I was supposed to show up and deliver each and every day in the same way, regardless of how my body felt, I used to think that the moon had nothing to do with me. Nothing to teach me. Nothing to remind me. 

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Becoming Minimalist

I know, It's been a little while. I took advantage of this past month to take some time off with my family, rest and get off social media (and by "get off" I mean only checking Facebook 1-2 times a day...progress not perfection). 

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The Astonishing Story of Ganesh's Head

It’s been an intense week, and today, I want to tell you a story. Because stories inspire, uplift and transport. This story is thousands of years old. It’s the story of one of my favorite beings: Ganesha. 

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Metatron is Awesome

Metatron is this really cool Archangel, and he's said to be the Scribe of God (so he's pretty powerful, you see). He is a teacher of Esoteric knowledge and uses Sacred Geometry to clear energies and heal. He used to be a human, who lived such an extraordinary life that he ascended to archangeldom. 

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What We Do Matters

If my inner standard is that “enough” is about a 7 on the enough scale (yes, there is such a thing). Then believing I am enough would be changing my belief from I’m a 5 to I’m a 7. Like that, just because Facebook meme said so. It’s called “raising your self-confidence” or something. 

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Live (and Fail) Daring Greatly

I just listened to a talk by Brené Brown where she quotes a speech that Theodore Roosevelt gave in 1910. In it, Roosevelt said:

It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better...

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