Did You Know Words Were So Powerful?

Words are powerful. They can change physical matter, thus they have the power to change the world, our world.

Flashback three years ago: I’m sitting on my newly acquired meditation pillow, feeling uncomfortable, with a mala in my right hand (it's a necklace made of 108 beads and used for meditation). I’m trying my best to repeat a mantra in sanskrit Om Namah Shivayah. I feel like a hermit on top of a mountain somewhere in the Himalayas. I repeat, repeat, repeat along with the others for what seems like an eternity. Then silence. After a while, I hear a voice telling me to open my eyes. I do, and I’m astonished to feel my mind so quiet and expansive. Everything looks more vivid and I see more details than before. Is that magic or what? I have had my first experience of the power of mantras. I never forgot that.

What’s best is, science agrees with me (which I always appreciate): 

Dr Masaru Emoto has studied for many years the power of words, sounds and music on crystals of water. Here is below the crystals after the water was put in a bottle with words written on the labels. Pretty amazing the power of one word on the very shape and frequency of water. And may I remind you that we are constituted of about 60% water?


Most of the time, when I paint, I put on Sanskrit sacred chants, they uplift me. One day, I was so carried by the words and music that I felt the urge to translate them in my paintings. So I started looking at Sanskrit calligraphy to translate the words that were coming to me. Those paintings emerged:

The Gayatri Mantra - mantra used to attain Enlightenment


Moksha - Enlightenment


Ananda - The Bliss of Enlightenment


Dharma - The Highest Purpose of a Soul


It's my way of bringing some of that higher energy onto the planet, with the power of those words that came to us through centuries of Indian Saints and Masters. 

There is so much magic and power in the seemingly insignificant things around us.

When we become more aware of this power, we can tap in it. We don’t even need complicated incantations to benefit from the power of words. It can be as simple as offering a nice word to the mailman, saying “I love you” to yourself (and others), putting a nice label on your bottle of water,…paint, sing, dance, celebrate the beauty and magic of words like:





How can you use the power of words today? I would love to hear from you in the comments section!

As always, all my gratitude to you for reading and sharing. 

With love,