The One (Not-So-Secret) Secret to Becoming a Genius








In today’s world, it’s all about how fast and conveniently we can get things. In seconds, we can access all the knowledge in the world from our couch, order food to be delivered right on our lap or swipe through a full store of human beings on Tinder. We celebrate stories of overnight successes and 20-something year-old billionaires. The faster, the better.

We have this belief that there is a limited number of people that are born “genius” (those famous billionaires), then a bunch of “average” people, and a few “good-for-nothing". While we sure hope we don’t fall into the third category, we don’t really dare dreaming that we are lucky enough to be born in the genius category either. Leonardo da Vinci, Mozart, Picasso, Walt Disney, Michael Jackson and Tiger Woods… they are a different breed than us. 

Are we just doomed to live an average life with our average talent?

Answer: NO.

While some are more naturally talented in a particular area than others, I firmly believe that we can all become a genius at something.What is a genius? It is someone that attained mastery in a particular area. How do you attain mastery? One simple thing (note I didn’t say easy):

Practice. Practice. Practice.

I know that in 10 years I will look at the paintings I have done today and think “That wasn't too good compared to what I'm doing now...”. There is only one way I wouldn’t think that: if I stopped painting now. If I stop now, the art piece I did today will forever be my best one. Will you let your last art piece or project be forever your best one? 

 I hope in 10 years I will look at this and say "Oh my! Did I really show that to people?!"  - Jellies, acrylic on canvas 12x12.

If you think that Leonardo da Vinci, Walt Disney or Michael Jordan got where they got on their first try, think again. 

Walt Disney got fired from a newspaper for “lacking imagination” and “having no original ideas”. 

Michael Jordan, after being rejected  from his high school basketball team, ran home, locked his room and cried. 

As for Leonardo da Vinci, I invite you to watch this inspiring video in 2 parts made by Delve (you can find them on vimeo). It gave me goosebumps (make sure you watch the 2 parts!). 


And keep an eye out for next week's post to hear more about how to discover your zone of genius!