Build Your Vision Stronger Than Your Fear

Last week I talked about taking fear out of the picture when we consider our life and the way we think, feel and act. 

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That’s great, you’ll tell me, I can sit on my couch and imagine all the great things I would do if I was fearless. But that doesn’t make me get off the couch and go do them. Point taken.

Fear is part of our brain, it's ingrained because of its necessity for survival. Fear will most likely always be there. So how do we empower ourselves, so that we can act despite the fear? Here is my 3-step building kit:

1. Imagine what you would do if your fear wasn’t in the way

I talked about this in last week’s post. It’s important because by removing fear from the picture, we remove all the “wrong reasons” why we would do things. You’d agree with me that doing something out of fear is not of service. So let’s make sure we don’t plan a vision where fear is guiding us. Gently ask fear to step aside while you create your vision. It can be for your whole life, a relationship, or a project. 

2. What you resist, persist

The more you will resist a behavior or a thought, the more sticky it will be. 

Quick test to prove my point: don’t think about the pink elephant.


What did you see in your mind? A pink elephant? How interesting. 

Imagine the amount of energy we put everyday trying to push the pink elephant (our fears) away…and how well that works.

The only way to diminish the power of fear is: awareness and acceptance. First, we must become aware of our fear. We must stop trying to pretend it’s not here and look at it in the face. Then, we can do our best to welcome it: take our fear and place it in our heart. Love the fear, and more important, love the part of us that is feeling that fear. 

You will probably soon feel an openness in your heart, and the grip of that fear soften. 

3. Build your vision stronger than your fear

How do you do that? How can you create a vision that is stronger than thousands of years of conditioning? How can you maintain your direction in the midst of chaos and hardships?

A very powerful way to build a vision stronger than your fear (possibly the only way) is to create a vision that is bigger than yourself. A vision that serves humanity. When your vision is bigger than yourself, you can be big enough to act despite your fears. Don't focus on creating your success story, focus on being a part of building others success stories.

When your goal is to uplift, support, inspire, transform others, the Universe comes to your rescue and gives you the strength, inspiration and dedication to get over your fears and do what you gotta do.

Because you have a unique gift to offer the world... And we are counting on you.