What Would You Do If Fear Was Not In Your Way?

When I got married, my now ex-husband used to tell me : “when exposed to something new or asked to do something that you’ve never done, you start with ‘it’s not possible’. 

That used to upset me, I didn’t want to admit that my automatic response in front of something unknown and thus uncomfortable, was of doubt and rejection. That’s not exactly the romantic version of myself that I imagined, the adventurous explorer! I had to admit that he was right though. 

My default answer was “it’s not possible”. 

I realized how convenient it had been to let my environment condition me into being suspicious of what life and the Universe bring me. “Let's just be more cautious” they say. Though I realized that it created my default answer to anything new to be fear-based. 

How would my life be if my default answer was of openness and wonderment? 

What would I do if fear and doubt were not in my way? What would YOU do if YOU got out of your own way?

Take a minute and imagine your life if you had no fear whatsoever. No fear of what people will think of you. No fear of failure. No fear of being poor, abandoned or criticized. No stories. No excuses. No blame. You would be pretty UNSTOPPABLE! 

You would be freaking FREE is what you would be!

Just taking a moment to imagine how we would think, feel and act if fear was not in the picture can give us great insight on our path. 

Because on their death bed, NO ONE ever says: “If only I had been more cautious. If only I had not told her I love her. If only I hadn’t given my best to my dearest project. If only I had taken less risks.” Ever. 

I know that’s a total cliché to say that, but guess what? That’s what I would say if I wasn’t afraid of what you would think of me! 

Got another few minutes to go deeper with me? Now take a piece of paper and divide it into 2 columns. In the first column write down the things you would do if fear was not in the way, the things you love to do or dream to do. And in the second column write down the things you do every day. Then compare. 

Here is a piece of mine (click to enlarge): 


Be bold and share your list with us in the comment section!