Celebrating One Year Anniversary

Last Sunday I celebrated my one year anniversary! Anniversary of what? Glad you asked. 

I announced on Facebook and Instagram, that it had been a year that I had made the decision to pick up my brushes and never put them back ever again. 

Well, that's not exactly accurate.

It's been a year that I sat down and started to paint as a pro. It had been a while that I had made the decision to, but it was only then that I got off my A$$, walked 5 blocks to the art supplies store, bought some paints and brushes, went back to the extended-stay hotel I was living in at the time, set up a little table (see pic below) and actually started to paint.


My epic painting studio on California St, San Francisco - Feb 21st, 2015.

My epic painting studio on California St, San Francisco - Feb 21st, 2015.

The desire to be a professional artist, I had it for as long as I can remember. The idea that it could actually be done, I had since I was 18. The decision to take the leap and become a professional artist, I actually made it more then two years ago. 

So what happened between the moment I made the decision to become a professional painter and the moment I actually sat down and painted as a pro? 

Mostly, a lot of very uncomfortable things. A full year of very uncomfortable things. As a direct consequence of that decision, I quit my job, moved to another state, struggled, went back to my parent's for three months, built a better plan, came back, surrounded myself with supportive friends and signed up for the best online business school I could find. 

And of course, every day during that full year that happened between my decision and my first painting session, I felt like a failure for not painting. I just had to pick up a paintbrush, how difficult is that? Well, it can be very difficult. There can be a lot of things to clear out before we can actually sit down and do the work. (Note: This is why I decided to create an online course to help creative people get past their blocks...I'll tell you more about it soon). 


So... back to the anniversary. On February 21st, 2015. I sat down in my little room and painted. I didn't have a home, I had never taken an acrylic painting class ever, I was scared and I had no idea how I was going to make this work. 

All I knew is that the pain of not doing art had become greater than the fear of doing it. Not painting had already cost me too much, and I couldn't stand that it would all be for nothing. 

I know, it sounds so dramatic! Luckily, I was totally oblivious to the hugeness (hugitude?) of the moment at that time. I just wanted to PAINT, for God's sake!

I'm grateful I did, because now there is all kinds of amazing things coming down the pipeline. 

You never know which day will transform the rest of your life (I think I'll make a Facebook meme with this one)