Are You Sexy For Inspiration?


I was just reading this piece of Elizabeth Gilbert's book Big Magic, about being sexy for our creativity. Here's an excerpt:

"Also, try to present yourself to your creativity as if you are sexy - as if you are somebody worth spending time with. I've always taken delight on this point from the novel Tristam Shandy, written by Laurence Sterne, eighteenth-century British essayist, novelist, and general man about town. In the novel, Tristam presents what I see as a marvelous cure for writer's block - to dress up in his finest regalia and act all princely, thus attracting ideas and inspiration to his side on account of his fabulous ensemble. 

Specifically, here's what Tristam claims he would do when he was feeling "stupid" and blocked, and when his thoughts would "rise heavy and pass gummous through (his) pen". Instead of sitting there in a funk, staring hopelessly at the empty page, he would leap from the chair, get a fresh razor, and give himself a nice clean shave. ("How Homer could write with so long a beard I don't know.") After that, he would engage in this elaborate transformation: "I change my shirt - put on a better coat - send for my last wig - put my topaz ring upon my finger, and in a word, dress myself from one end to the other of me, after my best fashion."

Thus decked out to the nines, Tristam would strut around the room, presenting himself to the universe of creativity as appealingly as possible - looking every inch like a dashing suitor and a confident fellow. A charming trick, but best of all, it actually worked. (...) 

I suggest that you try this trick at home. "

I experienced that trick working as well. 

That is actually what I do most days. Working from home, the temptation is great to just stay in my pajamas. Or watch an episode of my favorite tv show on the couch while eating breakfast (not that it happened just this morning...). After all, I have no one to impress, no one is waiting for me... FALSE! Inspiration is the one that feeds me and delivers everything I need to create my next painting, choose my next website photo, or even write this newsletter. And She knows a great deal about beauty, grace and self-respect. 

So I shower, put on nice clothes, make-up and even some jewelry, clear my table, light a candle and put on some incense before I even think of looking at my painting in progress. 

Most will say it's just a matter of feeling better about myself. I prefer to think that there is also magical component to it. The magic of inspiration.