Intuitive Painting Class!


As you might have seen, last Thursday I facilitated my first Intuitive Painting Class in Denver, CO (see their beautiful faces and paintings!). 

It was not my first painting class at all. Actually, if I count all the painting classes (not just the intuitive type) I taught, I bet I'm approaching 100 classes (wow! I just realized that!)

Despite that, I was super nervous before that class. New location, new set-up, new's always a bit stressful. A couple nights before the class, i even had a nightmare in which there was so many things going wrong during my class that everybody left 30 minutes in and refused to pay! That was not a fun dream!

And I was nervous that no one would show up (I had a "pre-register and pay at the door" system set-up). Or worse, that only one or two people would show up and witness my embarassment! :-)

Of course it didn't happen like that at all. The most open and fun people showed up, more than half of them having never painted in their adult life. 

I had brought all of my fun supplies including metallic paint, texture gels and sponges of different shapes. And I showed them many of the techniques I love to use: dripping, splattering, stippling, stamping, etc. And let them run free with it. 

It was awesome to see the different pieces they created, how they went about it and their style of creation. 

I really love when someone comes in having no clue how to paint and thinking their are not the creative type, and then leave feeling proud and enthusiastic about art! One of them told me later that she went to an art exhibit a few days after our class, and that she enjoyed being at an art show for the first time ever. She felt like she could relate more to the art and have an idea of what went into it. She could appreciate it more. 

That was enough to have me run with it and book the space for one class a month for the next six months. Every second Thursdays, it will be Intuitive Painting in Denver!