I Am the Light

There is a trap I fell into for many years, and that kept me from creating and from feeling content. The trap is to think that “Being the Light” is anything else than what we are right now. To believe it’s a feeling that is different from what we feel right now. That it’s supposed to feel and look a certain way, and that this certain way is not the way it is in this very moment. 

The bravest thing is to declare we are the Light, right here right now. Not because we know it for sure or have proof of it. Not even because we feel it or because our experience matches our idea of what it should look like. The bravest thing is to declare we are the Light because that’s what will serve us and the world best. Because it will heal hearts and liberate us to be who we are. To decide once and for all to take the leap: the leap of having complete and total faith that yes, we are the Light in each moment.

And declare it. 

I Am The Light.