Art Makes Us Beautiful

Perhaps the most rewarding thing about what I do is being a witness to people’s reactions to my art. I’m continually astonished by the wisdom and power that comes out of people when they see my art and respond to it. Countless people told me things like: “I saw the same shape while I was meditating! What is it?” or “This is so similar to a symbol in my culture that symbolizes our connection to God”, or “This looks like a crystal, is that what crystals are made of?”. 

I see the best, wisest, most aligned sides of people. People who see, hear and feel magical things that they rarely get to share. Women who are tuning in to their inner Goddess and standing with grace and power. Men who are learning to let go of mental chatter and lean into the mysteries of life. People who are learning how to connect more deeply with themselves and others. People who are longing to express their unique gift and wisdom.

 I usually tend to see the best side of people. And even more when we connect through art. It’s a common language that we had forgotten we had. It’s an ancient wisdom that is still engraved in our cells and DNA. It’s a remembrance bubbling to the surface more and more as we are in each others presence. 

A life without the deep knowledge and faith that we are all Divine Beings with extraordinary power and beauty is just a succession of fleeting pleasures and soul-crushing pain, in between valleys of semi-bored neutrality. When we forget that we are the Light, it can all seem like a long arduous road. The magic of art is that it's reactivating a sparkle of beauty and wisdom, sometimes even enough to illuminate the way and get us out of our own struggle.