The Creative Process: You don't need permission

So often in life, especially as a woman, I’ve waited for someone to give me permission. It could be waiting on a spiritual teacher to tell me how to “connect to my divinity”. It could be talking to friends about a project until I have enough people telling me that yes, I should do it. Waiting for an A from my drawing teacher to consider myself an artist. 

It’s a subtle (or not so subtle) form of giving my power away, of getting myself off the hook. Of sharing the responsibility of possible failure with someone else, like it’s going to make it better. 

We look for someone to heal us, guide us, tell us what they did so we can do the same. Like there is some secret password we must learn before we start creating, meditating, healing ourselves or any new venture. 

One thing I learned: there is no password necessary to tap into the infinite source of creation. I don’t need a special training to access the healing energies that were there all along. I don’t need a permission slip from anybody to be an artist. I don’t need to wait for people to move over to get a spot at the table. You don’t either. 

So I’m here to give you permission not to ask for permission! 😃

Ask for help, not permission.