Make your mother smile... even if she's far away

Mother's Day is approaching and you might not have any inspiration...Perhaps your mother lives far away and you don't have the opportunity to go hug her for Mother's Day. 

If you're looking for a toughtful inspiring gift that doesn't break the bank, I'm here for you. 

I'm offering a 15% off my prints on my Etsy shop + a Mother's Day personalized hand-written note for your mother.

Order before May 9th and use the code "motherday" in my Etsy shop.

What does your mother love?

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The simple things

The simple things in life: walking in nature, reading a book with a cup of tea, spending time with family. 

Be creative:

writing and expressing her unique voice.


help and stand up for her loved ones and those in need.

Yoga and meditation

to be happy and healthy in her body, mind and soul.


Personalize your gift:  

1. Choose your print - over 30 different prints to pick from.
2. Choose your size: you can choose between 2 matte sizes: a square 12x12in. or a rectangular 11x14 in. 
3. Choose your message (optional): add in the notes section of your order the message that you'd like me to hand-write with your gift and give your mother's address OR give your address and I'll send a blank card for your to write on. 

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Remember to order before May 9th to ensure it arrives on time! For any questions or special requests, just hit reply to this email. 

Happy Mother's Day!