Universe Screensaver

Chakra Screensaver

As most successful people know, the biggest transformations happen with a series of micro-changes: tiny changes repeated over time that tips the scale towards a happy, peaceful and fulfilled life. 

If you are like most, you probably pick up your phone up to 100 times a day. That's 100 opportunities a day to give healing information to your brain. 

Chakra iPad.jpg

The galaxy and the sacred geometry figures are powerful symbols that activate the remembrance of our origin (stardust and divine magic!) and the manifestation power that we were born with. They also help to calm the mind and bring focus.

The orange wallpaper displays the seven symbols of the chakras, with their Sanskrit symbol (Sanskrit symbols have a very high frequency energy). It helps with aligning our energy.

The green wallpaper is inspired by Native American Medicine and features the phases of the moon, as well as the dreamcatcher. It symbolizes reconnection with Nature and the Universe, inside and outside. It helps us remember that we are part of the grand wheel of life. It brings peace of mind and confidence. 

 Just looking at it for a couple seconds several times a day can make a difference on your energy and peace of mind.