Handmade malas infused with loving, healing, sacred energy for you to carry with you. To support your dreams and desires. 

Order your sacred mala for the next New Moon! 


Your mala will be created especially for you, during a ceremony on the night of the New Moon. The ceremony includes invocations, prayers, chanting of Sacred Mantras and incense burning.

I will sit at my altar on the evening of the New Moon, each month and start with an invocation for you, or the person who will receive the mala. I invoke Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and specific deities to imbue the mala with their blessings. I then hand-knot each gemstone and create the whole mala in one sitting, while reciting mantras for the specific of blessing your mala with the energy that will support you. There are no phones, no interruptions, no distractions at all. I conclude this ritual by infusing the mala with Reiki energy and offering a final blessing.  

All malas ordered will be shipped the day after the new moon, each month. 

NOTE: if you order a mala for someone else than you, please communicate the name of the receiver upon ordering.

I Am the Light Mala

This mala is made of 108 beads of black onyx, a gemstone selected to help focus and direct your energy towards the Light. It helps increase focus, perseverance and stamina, as well as prevent the draining of your personal energy. It's connected to the root chakra. This mala is particularly helpful for you if you are sensitive to energy, wish to increase your intuition and raise the vibration of your spiritual practice. It's also known for balancing the male and female polarities.

I Am Love Bracelet Mala

This bracelet mala is made of 21 beads of rose quartz, a gemstone selected to help open your heart to trust in love and have faith in the benevolence of the Universe. It's known as the stone of love and is connected to the heart chakra. It's the stone of love in relationships, as well as self-love. This mala is particularly helpful for you if you wish to bring more love in your life and find peace in your relationship with yourself and others. 


Mala description:

  • 21 or 108 beads, hand-knotted with Irish linen thread between each bead
  • one extra bead (Guru bead) 
  • 8mm beads made of natural semi-precious stone
  • Necklace hangs at approx. 20in.
  • can be used for meditation, intention setting and/or the healing power of the crystals
  • handmade in Denver, CO

* Due to the handmade nature and natural stones used, product may vary slightly. Each piece is unique. 

What is a mala and how does it work?

Malas are necklaces typically consisting of 108 beads, plus an extra bead called the Guru bead. They also exists in bracelet versions, with 21 beads, plus the Guru bead. They are used in Hinduism and Buddhism for the repetition of mantras (sacred prayers, usually in Sanskrit). They have become popular in the New Age movement to support meditation and as a vessel of energy. The mala is used by sliding the beads one by one between your thumb and middle finger of your right hand, as we repeat the selected mantra or prayer. It assists in anchoring your body and mind in the present moment, as well as to keep track of the number of repetitions (mantras are usually repeated by increments of 108 - this number represents the Universe). Also, the gemstones are natural energy absorbers: they are filled with energy during the meditation and carry it as it’s worn throughout the day, passing the energy through your skin and by resonance with your chakras.

It is said that one can achieve liberation from pain and reach enlightenment, simply by repeating mantras every day. 

A mala is a great tool to help lower anxiety, promote rest and relaxation, help focus your mind and support you in manifesting more of what you want in your life, by the power of intention and the Law of Resonance. It will also help you remember throughout the day that you are already a divine being of light and love. These malas are beautiful pieces of jewelry and sacred tools for creating a life filled with more love, abundance and peace.  

Why during the New Moon? 

The New Moon is the time of the month to plant energy that will grow with the moon during the next 30 days. It's the time to plant a seed, whether in your garden or in your mind, and set your intentions for the month ahead. By making these malas during a ceremony on the New Moon, I imbue them with a specific energy at the most fertile time of the month. This way, when you receive your mala, it's already filled with blessings and energy to support you and your spiritual practice. The energy will keep growing as the time passes and as you meditate/repeat mantras with it. The sensitive persons will feel this energy from the first time you unwrap it and put it on. 


What if I don't want to repeat mantras?

If you don't want to use your mala to repeat manras, it's totally fine. That's also why I'm doing a good deal of work to fill each mala with energy before sending them off to you: so you can benefit from the energy stored in the gems, as well as the healing power of the gems themselves, by simply wearing the mala. The symbolism of the mala will also help you feel more connected to your spirituality. In its simplicity your mala is also a beautiful piece of jewelry.