Flower of Life Insights

Have you noticed that you see Flower of Life representations on about everything now?

I just saw one on a flower pot in a coffee shop. And on a bumper sticker. Woo-woos and hipsters alike are adopting it on t-shirts, tattoos and coffee mugs.

Why is that? I think it's getting to be very popular because it resonates with us on a deep level, even though most of us don't really know what it represents. We assume that if it's called "sacred" geometry... that must be good stuff. 

When I started painting it, I didn't know why I was drawn to it myself. It was the vision I had in my head of what I must paint. That's how I go about painting: I happen to be lucky/crazy enough to see stuff inside that I should give form to on the outside. In this case, I saw images of nature: trees, ocean, grass, dirt, etc. with the image of the Flower of Life superimposed. It seemed to mean that they were one and the same. 

But the only thing I knew in my head about the Flower of Life is I heard it was "the fabric of the universe", "the blue print from which all matter is created"...whatever the heck that means. 

At the art fair in Lake Tahoe, the gentleman who bought my latest Flower of Life painting asked me to tell him more about it...honestly, I tried to look smart and all, but it was really difficult!

So I started researching more about it.  It's a matter you could spend a lifetime on, as you might have guessed. Type "flower of life meaning" in google and you get 13 million entries. 

First of all, I learned that it's been an international hit for a while now. The Flower of Life can be seen in old temples and monuments in Egypt, China, Japan, India, Italy and more. The oldest representation known is in the temple of Osiris in Abydos, Egypt, and is at least 6,000 years old. It's literally been everywhere, for thousands of years. 

Many of the great ones also happened to love it. Leonardo Da Vinci, for example, studied the Flower of Life extensively, and used the golden ratio Phi (which is derived from the Flower of Life) in his art. 

My main question was: why is it said that it is the "fabric of the universe"?

In short, it's because from the Flower of Life is built Metatron's Cube, which contains all the Platonic solids. And those are the building blocks of all creation. Like, everything is made from those patterns below. For real. 

 I also stumbled upon this photo: apparently scientists recently discovered that the cross-section of a DNA strand at the sub-atomic level is a Flower of Life... I couldn't find any reliable source to verify this picture on the internet, regardless, it's really cool. 

To be continued...



Images from www.tokenrock.com and www.aeoncentre.com